About Us

About Us

Survive with quality, develop with user benefit.

ChiMing-CM18 Vehicle Safety Lights was founded in 2009, located in Guangzhou China.

Thanks to the past years of development, we more acknowledge about the importance of sticking to good products and products innovation. At the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for continuous product innovation. Vehicle safety lights including LED Combination Lights, Marker lights, LED Beacons, Warning Lights & Warning Light Bar, LED Forklift Safety Lights, LED Bars, LED Work Lights and Modern LED Interior Lights etc.

For 11 years, ChiMing-CM18 Vehicle Safety Lights have brought lights to the roads of different countries in the world. From the concept, right up to a product ready for assembly, ChiMing-CM18 develops solutions concerning lighting for truck trailers, trailers, agricultural machines, automotive, marine.

√ High-Tech Firms

√ ISO9001 Certified

√ Audited factory by Walmart and more


Team of 15 talented engineers specializing in design, structure and electronics etc., has completed more than 1,500 custome product designs and implementations.


Well-established quality and process control system, in strict compliance with ISO9001, fully certified and imcompliance with E-mark, DOT SAE, CE and ROHS. 1-5 years warranty.


Over 10,000 square meters of standardized workshop with 180 skilled worrkers and specialists, a full controlled, self-sustained raw materials subsidiary capable of 7-day delivery lead-time.


On a daily basis, you will get quality service from our sales team, they are experienced in providing service to distributors, wholesaleers and branded marketers from 83 countries in the globe. At least once every 2 business days, we interact with customers on existing orders and inquriies. We provide sales plan and strategic guidance so that customers are best equipped and enabled to realize big sales volume.

Incoming materials checking (IQC)

Each of incoming materials will go through strict inspection before entering our manufacturing workshop.

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Performance Testing

We own experienced R&D team and in house labarory. Lamps are fully compliance with European and American regulations and standards.

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Drop and Vibration Test

Drop test on the packaged products from 1.2 meters. Using professional vibration test equipment, simulate the worst road conditions of the 1960s for vibration test.

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100% products have passed the waterproof test, including different level at IP65, IP67, IP69K

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EMC Test

Fully closed EMC test room ensures the highest accuracy of EMC test

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